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We have group classes and private instruction for kids starting at 3 years old, and adult private lessons, hitting, and classes that include beginner clinics, doubles mixers, and cardio tennis. Choose the class that is right for you!


I started working in the tennis industry at the young age of 13.  Since that time, I have been involved in almost every aspect of the sport there is.  I consider myself a student of the game, learning tennis from my father at a young age.  The skills and discipline I have been taught on the court helped shape the person I am today.  I am grateful for all that tennis has given me throughout my life.   Life is good, tennis makes it great.

Darrel Bielawski


It doesn’t matter whether your racket has collected dust over the years or you’re just buying one – tennis is a sport for any age, on any day! That’s the beauty of the game. Factor in the fact that Long Island is practically a hub for tennis lessons long island coaches and experts, you’ve got yourself a pretty good deal going on.

Taking Tennis Lessons on Long Island New York :

As with any other game, it might sound tempting enough for you to pick up the equipment and take a shot. However, once you get serious about the game – enough for the fun to be paralleled with the prospects, it’s time to consider taking tennis lessons.

The satisfaction that comes with mastering a skill such as tennis is unparalleled by the fact that it challenges you to improve and develop strategies. Taking tennis lessons in long island doesn’t just make you a better player in a robotic sense, it makes you more efficient and effective as well.

Tennis lessons is a lot more than just some other type of activity. It’s considered as more of a social activity structured towards improving your agility, critical thinking skills, and lipid profile. The gist of the matter is that it’s a game encompassing everything you’d need to practically be indestructible.

Choosing A Group Tennis Lesson on Long Island New York:

A major portion of students signing up for tennis lessons would choose to rather go with one-on-one lessons than group lessons. Here’s what they think: it’ll help them improve their skill or develop uniqueness in their game. After all, the end goal of any game is to be better than the next guy, right? While that might be the fundamental of virtually any game, if you’re a beginner or someone looking to get back into the game after a long hiatus, you need to develop the same basic skills as anyone else.

The fundamentals of any game, be it for you or the other guy, will always be the same. Some rules and indications have to be followed that do not call for unique strategies. To familiarize yourself with these fundamentals, you would have to start by learning the game in a group setting.

Most people would be concerned about group settings somewhat ‘diluting’ their game or their lesson. This is a pretty fair assumption given how the individual focus of a private lesson is divided. To overcome such an issue, try going in for groups with a smaller number of participants. Say about six at max and eight if you’re stretching. Don’t forget to bring water and stay hydrated when taking tennis lessons on long island new York.

You cannot expect to be a tennis all-star overnight – or even in a year for that matter. The game takes years and years of skill to develop. Even if you’re a tennis prodigy, you would have to start somewhere. In group settings, you would have fewer balls to hit and a lot less running. Is that a con? No. It’s there for you to start at a baseline and gradually work your way up.

Options For Group Settings:

Group tennis lessons are often provided to students in series at outdoor facilities. Typical lessons call for a series of six classes given on particular days at fixed timings over a month or so.

There are many options to choose from when signing up for group settings. Take your local public tennis courts on long island as an example. Most public tennis facilities gave professional teachers and experts readily available or called for group lessons. These lessons usually consist of basic ad introductory lessons.

The United States Professional Tennis Association and the United States Professional Tennis Registry are two of the main organizations providing tennis lessons at minimal costs – or close to none for their participants. However, these tennis lessons in long island new york are seasonal and come at a cut-off limit. Hence, most students often go with municipal programs or dedicated tennis camps.

Hiring A Private Instructor:

After you master your skill to a considerable extent – one whereby you outrank the rest of the participants in your group, you might want to move on to something more effective and catered towards your style of playing: a private instructor.

However, there are a lot of prerequisites that come with hiring a private tennis lessons instructor on long island new york. Particularly given the circumstances in which you hire them (you’re looking to go pro from here on), there has to be a checklist of sorts to go through before hiring someone to teach you.

  1. Methodology: Standard belief would dictate that you would have to mold yourself in a way to match your instructor’s teaching style. However, this is a private instructor hired to help you be better. While it’s a fact that the instructor knows a lot more about the game than you do. It would not do you much good if you’re not picking up what he or she is teaching.
  2. Credentials: Not everyone is meant to teach. A private tennis lessons long island new york instructor might have established a rapport within the tennis community as a skilled player. However, this does not entitle them to teach. Try learning as much as you can about your instructor’s past pupils and where they stand today.
  3. Cost: Private lessons are costly. Most of them cost per hour and vary based on the equipment, location or degree of attention required. Make sure you’re getting the best for your buck! Rates in Long Island new York for tennis lessons vary.
  4. Conversation Skills: The way the instructor teaches you and communicates with you has to be in a readily understandable fashion. After having an initial conversation with the instructor, ask yourself whether or not he or she showed an acceptable ability to communicate? Was his or her communication is friendly, relaxed fashion or not?


In conclusion, tennis lessons in long island are available for all ages and genders. The Long Island tennis scene is one of the best in the United States – maybe even the world. It isn’t impossible to find tennis lessons. What’s necessary is making sure those tennis lessons are well suited to you and you are located in Long Island.

Tennis is an ‘all-encompassing’ sport. This might sound like a reach to anyone outside of the game. However, for someone who’s played before or familiar with the game, it couldn’t be anything truer.

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